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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Why did I start Upward Strategy Consulting? I realized that the world of small, growing businesses was lacking something that I had, the knowledge to make them better. Not just showing them how to be organized in their financial information but becoming a true competitor in the market. With the ability to streamline, identify inefficiencies, get Teams organized and moving together in the right direction and knowing where the opportunities are for growth, all leads to one outcome…SUCCESS!

Are you ready to make changes to your business or learn how to make it better? If the answer is yes, then we need to talk. I enjoy learning about how your business is doing, the struggles that you are going through, what your vision is and what is stopping you from achieving that.

I can tell you that working with me you will get you lots of encouragement, a stern talking too when needed, pushed beyond your comfort zone and valuable skills that will help you to grow your business.


In a nutshell, the end result will be a business you love and of course, SUCCESS!


Our Vision is for every business to be setup for success. We achieve this through building a trusting relationship, and doing what we say we will do, to help our Clients establish a success plan, that is guided by processes and driven by passion.


Our Values:

  • Trust – is at the heart of every relationship

  • Integrity – do what you say you will do

  • Process driven – a focused plan that will be repeatable and lead to success for our Clients

  • Passionate – believe in the process, in ourselves and in your business

  • Success – achieving what we set out to do; moving the results in a positive direction

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