Our Team

Richard Hebb

Richard has a unique background, one that includes Business Admin, Heavy Equipment training and web design. With lots of volunteering time under his belt, he understands the challenges of small business and the value that good marketing can bring. With an eye for detail and the willingness to experiment, he can come up with some unique ideas that will delight any business owner. 

Marianne Stewart

Marianne is a passionate, driven, business guru, that has over 25 years of finance, HR, and small business experience. She has a gift for putting business owners at ease, connecting them with what’s important and helping to clear through the clutter to get to the heart of what drives a successful business. Every business is unique, and she enjoys learning about you and helping to achieve your goals.

Tara Andrews

Tara is a graphic designer and illustrator that works Full-Time freelancing. During the two-year graphic design program at NSCC, she fell in love with the creative challenge in design and illustration. No two projects are identical so we are always creating new work. She loves working with individuals and passionate small business owners, to bring their dreams into reality, by helping create professional and effective design work. From print to digital, she loves it all.

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